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Lip Stick Aluminium Silver #3008

Soft and silky lip stick which gives perfect coverage and permanent shine to yours lips. Nearly exclusively composed (more then 85%) with vegetal ingredients. It contains a UVB filter (lips protector) and Vitamin E acetate (against free radicals). It does not contains volatile silicones.

Combiduo Matt Liquid Lipstick and fixer #3237

Fixed liquid xlipstick, enjoy a completely fixed matte finish that does not stain and does not dry the lips.

Crystal Gloss #3033

Liquid lips shine with a new formula according to the latest demand of the market. The usage of new and selected row material has permitted to obtain a product with exceptional shine, very comfortable and versatile.

Permanent Lip Liner WP #3021

It fixes lip liner pen with large durability. It allows a precise outliner on the lips.

Matt Liquid Lip Stick

Envase innovador de mecanismo giratorio, que permite un perfilado fácil y preciso. Líquido labial fijo, disfruta de un acabado mate totalmente fijo que no mancha y no reseca el labio.

Liquid Lip Liner #3023

This liquid lip liner makes a line around yours lips that fixes in few seconds. The product is waterproof.

Lip Kick - Lip Gloss Very Shiny & Long Lasting #3045

In just one step you can have lipstick and shine to provide to the lip an extremely seductive shine, thanks to it smoothness and permanence. It is waterproof and intensifies the shine rubbing the lips one with other one.

Lip Gloss Matic #3043

Lip Gloss Matic Innovative packaging with roll-on mechanism what allows the easy and precise lining. This lip shine can be used in all types of skin with the protector function for your lips.

Extreme Lip Liner Pen WP #3027

A pencil liner for lips. Thanks to the special silicon conpoments the product remains fixed. It is waterproof.

Lip Liner Pen Waterproof #3029

Eye pencil, your components of special silicon makes that the product stays fixed. The product is waterproof.

Matic Lip Liner Retractil #3036

The pencil of the lip liner is user-friendly due to its high content of volatile silicon. The result is a lip pencil with very long lasting effect and a super softness. The coverage is excellent, it do not stain.
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